My 70 yr old dad has been with Western and Southern for over 10 years paying $115/mth for a $25,000 Life Insurance Policy.We recently set him up on automatic draft from bank.

I met with a agent to increase his policy. Which meant they wanted to know about his current health. I updated them on his recent stroke. A week later they cancelled his policy for non-payment?

When his draft was taken out on the same day from bank for past six months. I sent proof of bank drafts and they said if it was there fault they would automatically renew. Even with proof of drafts they said he would have to reapply and do health screening. SCAMMERS!

Cheat old people out of policies that will only cover burial.SHAME ON YOU!

Review about: Western And Southern Life Life Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $25000.


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Anderson, Indiana, United States #732440

I would be very interested to know if other people have also had this problem because I ran into it today...with a lady


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #655145

Please call our Western & Southern customer service manager at 866-669-5848 so she can help you.

to Western & Southern Life Saint Charles, Missouri, United States #739471

I have schizo-affective disorder, the life insurance company I have a

policy with wants to raise my rates because I am disabled and mentally ill.

The agent's name is Ronald Corley and the name of the company is:

Western Southern Life:

10801 Pear Tree Dr #176, St Ann, MO 63074

(314) 426-1771

My father took out the policy on me in 1984, and turned it over to me in

2009. The agent claimed we weren't paying enough and wanted to meet us,

he missed the first meeting but we just met with him tonight.

He was rude and abusive and blamed my father for everything. Despite

having my contact info since 2009, they decided to call me in 2013 about

me not paying enough. After doing a background medical check they found

my disability and then decided to raise my rate from $10/month to

$59/month a 590% increase! Not only that but they claimed there was only

$3000 left in the policy and it is wasting away. That despite the fact

that I am disabled, I cannot collect the 60% payment for disability, and

will have to keep paying more money over time or they will drop me.

I told the agent he had violated the ADA and he just laughed at me and

told me that I cannot get another life insurance policy with any other

company so I am stuck with this one.

Please investigate this company, he bragged about doing this to 75 other

people already.

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